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How Much Does Trade Credit Insurance Cost?


Credit insurance is the best way for companies to protect themselves against the financial consequences of unpaid invoices. No matter the credit terms you lay out for your clients, there is always the risk that they are going to pay a bill late, or worse not pay at all.

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Trade credit insurance: The different types and how to manage trade credit risk


While it’s hugely important to understand TCI as a whole, it’s also critical for businesses to know what goes into selecting the right type of trade credit insurance policy, as well as some of the other ways that trading risks can be managed and reduced.

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Coface reports a new record result of €84.0m in Q3-2022


Coface reports a new record result of €84.0m in Q3-2022. Annualised return on tangible equity at 16.4%

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Social unrest set to rise as socio-economic pressures mount around the world


While the sources of economic uncertainty are legion, new political disturbances could be added to their ranks. The new geopolitical landscape opened up by Russia's actions could reawaken risks in other global hot spots.
More about those hot regions and countries.

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A cold chill on the global economy - Q3 2022 Barometer


Beyond the repercussions of the war in Ukraine, the global monetary tightening and the multiple constraints on Chinese growth paint a gloomy outlook. In the short term, the economy seems to be settling into a regime of "stagflation", where almost no growth and rapidly rising prices coexist. The possibility of a global recession, meanwhile, is becoming clearer.
In this context, Coface is making general downward revisions to its GDP growth forecasts and its country and sectoral assessments. Check them out!

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