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The Significance of Creditors Turnover: What You Need to Know


How can you determine whether a business is able to pay what it owes and if it has done so in the past? While there are several ways to assess this information, one of the most valuable is by considering a particular enterprise’s creditors turnover ratio. Learn More....

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Longer and more frequent payment delays in France, with small companies in the firing line


The deterioration in corporate payment habits in France is echoed in insolvency numbers, with an undisputed increase observed since the start of the year that has even overshot pre-Covid levels. Learn more now.

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Country and Sector Risk Barometer Q3 2023: Macroeconomics put to the test by microeconomic deterioration


All the leading indicators point to a sharp slowdown in activity in North America and the Eurozone towards the end of the year, and the recovery of the Chinese economy has rapidly collided with structural weaknesses and a lack of confidence among households and businesses. In this context, we have modified 7 country risk assessments (2 upgrades and 5 downgrades) and 33 sector risk assessments (17 upgrades and 16 downgrades).
More in our latest barometer.

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Coface announces new appointment of Mark Qian as Country Manager for China


Coface announces today the appointment of Mark Qian as Country Manager for China with effect from 1st October 2023. Based in Shanghai, Mark reports directly to Benoit Ganzmann, CEO of the Greater China Region in Hong Kong.

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Understanding Trade Creditors: Their Role in Business Finance and Risk Mitigation


As you conduct trade both within your country and overseas, you will either become a trade creditor or accrue creditors in your own books. In this article, we explain what a trade creditor is, discuss how this relates to unpaid debts, and explain how to use trade credit insurance to mitigate these concerns.

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