A mid-market credit insurance solution for trade in Japan

We protect your cash flow and manage your credit risk

Expand your business with absolute assurance

TradeLiner offers a purpose-built mid-market credit insurance policy that is both straightforward and adaptable. Tailored to your needs, it includes real-time client solvency monitoring, accounts receivable collection, and loss indemnification. Does your company generate between JPY80,000,000,00 and JPY16,000,000,00 in turnover? Then TradeLiner is perfect for you!

  • Prevent Bad Debts

    Access timely updates on your clients' financial status with Coface's real-time monitoring. Empowered by accurate information, you can confidently choose your trade partners, negotiate credit terms, and anticipate non-payment risks.

  • Collection of Unpaid Invoices

    Dedicated collection specialists for your business needs. Rely on our experts to handle your accounts receivable while you concentrate on business growth. Our global network ensures swift and effective collection, enabling you to maintain strong client relationships.

  • Indemnification

    Committed to your business If you fail to recover your insured debts, we will compensate you for the loss suffered up to 90%. You protect your cash flow and ensure your margins are secure.

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Tailor-made contracts

Our experts help you choose the policy that’s right for your business needs. And there’s a solution for every industry!

Why Opt for TradeLiner for Your Company's Protection?

  • Effortless management with dedicated support

    Handle your contract via our user-friendly online platform. Access economic updates, guides, and your electronic safe from your customer portal. Reach out to your dedicated account advisor or our Customer Relations experts for day-to-day policy management.

  • Clear pricing and policies

    Tailor your contract with expert guidance. Gain autonomy in decision-making and enjoy customized premium rates covering all risks, aligned with your turnover.

  • Effective protection

    TradeLiner safeguards your B2B credit sales in Japan or globally against insolvency and non-payment risks. With over 75 years of expertise in credit risk management, leverage Coface's leading position in the insurance market for effective risk prevention and management.

Innovative solutions for better risk management

Credit management platform

Manage your policy simply and easily from our secure CofaNet Essentials online platform:


  • Access information about your trade partners

  • Manage your client portfolio

  • Manage your guarantee requests

  • Report your outstanding invoices

  • Keep track of your claims


Not in the office? CofaNet Essentials is available wherever and whenever you need it on the CofaMove mobile app. Ideal for your sales reps!

Coface API portal

Discover a game-changing asset for more efficient credit management.

Coface API portal opens doors to seamless integration of Coface's powerful API solutions into your existing applications. 

 • Elevate risk management, enhance credit decisions, and fortify financial strategies effortlessly. 
 • Maximize efficiency, minimize risk: Coface API Portal is your strategic ally for a robust, data-driven approach to credit management. 
 • Revolutionize your processes today for a more secure and prosperous financial future.

> Visit Coface API Portal



"Our regular interactions with the teams at Coface help us analyze, evaluate and prevent our risks."


"Customer default is a major risk. Coface credit insurance protects our turnover."


"The results are clear-cut: since 2008, Diagast has not had any unpaid invoices on the events covered."

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