4 (good) reasons to hand your unpaid debts over to Coface

Acting quickly and mastering procedures are key to collecting receivables successfully! Entrust the handling of your unpaid invoices to Coface's experts, and you'll achieve a positive result in no time at all.

1- Quick collection

As a world leader in trade credit insurance, Coface’s collection services greatly improve your chances of getting paid. We save you time so you can focus on growing your business. We get in touch with the debtor within 24 hours of confirming your request. And this initial contact may be followed up with face-to-face visits, negotiations and legal proceedings if necessary.

 2- Around the globe

With our unique network of 200 local experts and over 250 international legal partners, Coface collects your unpaid debts in 190 countries in compliance with the rules of professional conduct applicable in the relevant jurisdictions. These local contacts boast a thorough understanding of the language, legislation, marketplace and payment habits. You have a single point of contact irrespective of the debtor’s country. He or she is responsible for handling your collection request while limiting your losses and minimising disruption to your business activities.

 3- You only pay for the sums we collect 

In terms of the collection process, Coface is only paid if we are successful… which means it’s all the more important we do our job efficiently (for us too)!

 4- Safeguard your company's reputation

Because a fair agreement is better than a bad trial, our expert negotiators work towards amicable solutions, as is the case for 90% of the collections we’re given. And there’s the added advantage that this process helps to maintain good business relations with your debtor client and preserves your brand image.

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