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From offering business data solutions to protecting its clients from trading risks, and assessing their market opportunities, Coface helps companies to manage several aspects of their business. ICON by Coface is the Business Information Solution to manage risks. We boast a range of products to make identifying new clients, suppliers, and partners a more straightforward process. Thanks to comprehensive business data insights, risk management becomes an integral part of our clients’ business strategies.
With the help of our easy-to-use solutions, you can make smarter credit decisions for your business. Rely on our opinion on your business partners, delivered in a range of products:


  • FULL REPORT - If you need comprehensive information about a company to conduct your own in-depth risk analysis, the Full Report provides you with its complete financial data, a Credit Score, a Recommended Maximum Credit, and our evaluation of the company on an 11-step scale (from “Insolvency Proceedings” to “Excellent Risk”), the Coface Adjustment. Full Reports are available in 195 countries, either immediately or within an optimized response time frame (up to 9 days depending on which countries are selected). As an optional addition to our Full Report, our Risk Monitoring warns you as soon as there are any changes across more than 20 indicators (including company details, financial data, ownership, payment behavior, etc.), and also of any changes to the Credit Score, the Coface Adjustment, and/or the Recommended Maximum Credit.
  • SNAPSHOT REPORT - For basic information on your business partners, Coface offers short, instantly available reports on companies in more than 60 countries. The Snapshot Report includes a Quick Rate (“Low”, “Medium”, or “High”), the Coface Adjustment, and a Recommended Maximum Credit. This monitoring focuses on any event relating to the deterioration of the company’s situation, such as insolvency, late payments, Quick Rate, and Coface Adjustment downgrades.
  • DEBTOR RISK ASSESSMENT - Coface determines a company’s capacity to honour its short-term financial commitments with its Debtor Risk Assessment. The DRA derives from our extensive network of information sources and our unique payment experience database. At Coface, we use our DRA on a daily basis to monitor our own insurance portfolio. DRA scores rank from 0 (bankruptcy) to 10 (excellent risk). A company’s DRA includes historical assessments, and the company’s current probability of default. Monitoring can also be included. Take advantage of our creditworthiness assessment based on several business indicators, including financial strength, profitability, environmental factors, the management board, payment incidents, and our debt collection experience.
  • CREDIT OPINIONObtain Coface’s recommended amount outstanding limit, with a maximum recommendation of €100,000. Our Credit Opinions provide an effective way to benchmark your internal credit limit for a given company, and come with the company’s DRA and the relevant Country Risk Assessment. Our offer will soon be completed with recommendations for higher amounts.
  • MONITORING SERVICES - Our risk management platform offers monitoring services to automate monitoring Business reports, Score and Credit Opinion and inform you about changes.


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Get instant insight on 200 million companies across 195 countries from our global information network.  ICON is accessible 24/7, either on our platform or via API. As leading credit insurer we rely only on authoritative and trustworthy data sources, including:
  • Governmental and public databases
  • Coface credit insurance payment experience
  • Selected credit bureaus and information partners
  • Open Data


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Get support from our experts in implementing the right risk management strategy, and take advantage of our expertise built on 75 years of experience in credit insurance:
  • Macro-economic insights from Coface economists
  • Micro-economic assessments by Coface underwriters and financial analysts
  • Credit score know-how from Coface data scientists
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