33rd National Credit Congress


The Credit Management Association of the Philippines, the oldest business association in the country, celebrated its 33rd anniversary in hosting a seminar on the following topic: “Credit: The Enabler to Asean Economic Integration”. The event gathers close to 220 participants, mainly practitioners of trade receivables management coming from a wide range of industries.

Coface was a sponsor of the conference. Jean-Michel Lafage, Country manager of Indonesia and Philippines was invited to deliver a speech on how credit insurance can help Philippines companies withholding the challenges of a free trade zone and taking more advantages in a secured way from the growth such free trade arrangement will generate.




Indonesia Trade & Commodity Finance Conference 2014 in Jakarta


An annual Indonesia trade and commodity finance conference hosted by GTR which attracted over 200 business leaders to provide extensive networking opportunities for domestic, regional and international financial institutions; local SMEs and global corporates; policy makers; lawyers, and specialist trade finance risk analysts.


The industry leaders looked at opportunities within intra-regional trade as well as specific industry challenge. They conduct dedicated discussions and case studies involving continental and global organization looking at the practicalities of facilitating trade through various forms.


Coface was a co-sponsor of the conference. Fabien Conderanne, Head of Structured Trade Credit & Political Risk Insurance, Asia Pacific participated in the panel discussion of the session of ‘Powering energy infrastructure with ECA and project finance’




Trade Credit Insurance Seminar


The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), formerly known as the Singapore Manufacturers' Association, was first established in 1932. Its main aim is to champion the Singapore manufacturing sector and facilitate communication between the government, foreign delegates and the manufacturing community. Coface was invited to present on country risk assessments and brief introduction of Coface; and the benefits of trade credit insurance to more than 60 SMF members in the seminar.





Coface Presents to Trade Commissions in Sydney


Coface Branch in Australia hosted an event in their Sydney offices for senior representatives of Trade Commissions and Embassies based in Sydney. The event was very well attended by more than 40 representatives, mainly Senior Trade Commissioners and Trade Advisors, who are in regular contact with exporting companies. They attended a formal presentation starting with Coface credit insurance video that summarizes so well what we do, who we are and the strength of our company and offer. After that, James Robertson gave a high level presentation on Coface and our product offer. The event concluded with a networking cocktail session.




Hong Kong

Customer Workshop on Cofanet


Hong Kong organized a customer workshop on 10 April aiming to help our customers to understand the step-by-step process of different operations & new features in Cofanet.
It attracted about 19 customers attended. Commercial team, Gordon Law and Toby Ko, presented and demonstrated those new features updates of Cofanet includes extension of due date, turnover declaration, notification of overdue accounts and TopLiner as well. 




“Trade Credit Risks and Management Practices in China” Seminar


Coface Taiwan Branch organized a jointed seminar with Wilson Re on April 9. Wilson Re is a newly developed non-specialized broker in Taiwan. Developing non-specialized brokers is one of the commercial objectives this year. Wilson Re is a good example of this new move as we already concluded one policy with it in March. The event attracted 38 customers of the broker. It was quite successful as the broker received 3 enquiries on site. Special thanks to Karen Leung and Jenny Wang of risk underwriting department who gave their know-hows and shared underwriting experience at the seminar. 


04/08 - 10


“Risk Underwriting Trends in Asia-Pacific” Seminars in Tokyo and Osaka


On the occasion of Xavier Farcot’s (Executive Vice President, Risk Underwriting Department, Coface Asia Pacific) visit to Japan, Coface Japan organized 2 events around the topic “Risk Underwriting Trends in Asia-Pacific” in Osaka and Tokyo.

65 people (25 in Osaka and 40 in Tokyo) participated to the events where attendees could raise many questions to Xavier on country risk and seek advice on how to trade with or to get credit information in a given country.

In the second part of the seminars, Junya Ueda, Vice President, Commercial Dept, Coface Japan Osaka Office and Jun Sugii, CGS Japanese Solutions, introduced to participants our credit insurance services, our international network and online tool, Cofanet.





Innovation in Trade and Supply Chain Finance


Organized by Marcus Evans, the conference was attended by delegates from top banks and financial institutions. It provided a comprehensive understanding on the challenges faced by the trade and supply chain sector as well as providing solutions to excel in this current squeezed market. New product offerings and the incorporation of technology in payment and channel management are some of the key highlights. Fabien Conderanne was one of the panelists to speak on Trade Finance, commodity finance and supply chain finance: Embedding a holistic product offering in transaction banking.. 


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